Fiamm Sonick Sodium Nickel Battery

FIAMM SoNick batteries:

FIAMM SoNick produces sodium nickel batteries for sustainable mobility in the car, truck and bus sector. The demand for these accumulators is increasing every day, led by the institutions and administrations of larghe and small European cities and American metropolises wich are increasingly choosing these accumulators for public transpoirtation. The demand for private electric cars is also increasing at the same rate with an expansion in environmental awareness.


A car driven by a salt battery guarantees clean air, energy-saving, 100% recyclability, energy availability in any climate, zero maintenance in any enviromental condition, maximum safety, a long life and a substantial reduction in running costs.


Main characteristics of the batteries FIAMM Sonick:

- Extremely low running costs;

- Operation regardless of outside temperature;

- Capacityto store energy indefinitely;

- 40% less weight than lead batteries;

- No harmful emissions;

- Rapid charging and discharging capacity;

- No toxic or harmful material;

- No maintenance;

- All its parts are recyclable

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